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What happens if I cant make a Postnatal session?

As a Mum of two , I completely understand that motherhood is tough and you can be feeling under the weather or your child can be poorly on a regular basis!

Once there are multiple postnatal classes running, you will be able to book a makeup session at another venue.

Until then, I will do my upmost to make sure you feel like you've not lost out! I'm aware that its often difficult to make up for the lost time at home in a busy household or if you are unwell, so I will ensure you receive another treat that is of value to you postnatal journey.

Can I do a trial session before joining a plan?

I hope that you will be able to find out enough information about the sessions from the information provided on the website and social media, but if you still feel you would like to trial a one-off session please contact me to arrange and pay for one session. 

Can I join partway through the term?

Yes of course!

The Postnatal Club Plan is designed so you can join at any point in the year.

If you would prefer to pay a term/block at a time, that's fine too - I will calculate the number of weeks left of the term and invoice you for this amount.

Do you do PAYG sessions?

We don't offer pay as you go options as this doesn't align with the values of Active Mums Plymouth and most importantly doesn't benefit your postnatal recovery or antenatal journey. 

A big focus on being part of Active Mums is to create a routine in your week and to see the physical and mental benefits as you progress on your fitness journey.

What can I expect to be doing at a Postnatal fitness class?

When you arrive, we take a moment to attend to our little ones and settle them down on the playmats. The room will be set up when you arrive with a central area for baby-gyms, playmats and toys. Around this, will be a series of cones with exercises written on and the equipment needed to do each exercise. We will be using light hand weights, resistance bands, and steps.

1) We start with running through the exercises in the circuit and I will demonstrate these, with modifications.

2) We warm up to some upbeat music and then stretch our muscles.

3) We take a quick break for some water and then space ourselves out around the circuit to get ready for this part of the session to start. I will start the music and a every 30 second interval, a beep will sound and you will move onto the next station. We do this for about 20 minutes.

4) We grab a drink and cool down a little before coming down onto the floor to do a series of mini core exercises. 

5) After this we do some gentle stretching to some relaxing music and then congratulate ourselves and our little ones for an awesome session. 

6) Time for a catch up with the mums over a hot drink and a biscuit.

How many Mums do you have in a class?

I keep numbers between about 8-12 adults so that you feel comfortable and safe exercising and so that I can ensure I can give everyone the attention they need. 

I don't partake in the main circuit component of the session so that I am able to check that exercises are being carried out correctly and safely and so that I have have my hands free to pass toys to little ones and hold babies that need a cuddle.

How many children can I bring to class?

I don't charge for additional children to come along. Twins are more than welcome!


Some of you have two little ones at home with you and you are more than welcome to bring baby and older sibling (up to age 4). 

Just be aware that there are tiny babies in the session too so we all have to play gently.

I will always monitor child numbers in the session aswell and will limit the number of older children to maintain a safe play environment.

I have a food allergy - will there be refreshments available for me?

I will ensure that we have a variety of drinks and biscuits available ie. caffeine and caffeine free tea and coffee, herbal teas and vegan biscuits. 

I have done a food allergy training course but if you have a specific allergy or your child does, it is your responsibility to let me know.

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