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About Me

My passion for maternal fitness and wellbeing, and helping women to have a positive birth experience is all knitted together at Active Mums Plymouth.


I am a qualified Pre and Postnatal Fitness specialist, Hypnobirthing Instructor and a mummy to three boys, Hector, Rupert and Buzz the dog.

I attended Active Mums with my second child, Rupert from about 3 months postnatal and loved the classes so much. I have a passion for the mental and physical wellness of mums and mums to be and saw first hand how these classes positively affected myself and the other mums.

My second labour was a beautiful homebirth at Christmas time and my body birthed my baby calmly and confidently but I certainly had some healing and strengthening to do to come back to my pre-natal fitness level.

I found the circuit class at Active Mums really applied my energy and focus on building strength in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. I have always loved to dance so having music on whilst working out gave the motivation I needed to enjoy the work we were doing in class.

The babies and toddlers were the icing on the cake for entertainment. I have such fond memories of Rupert climbing on top of me with a big cheeky smile whilst I was doing floor exercises or all of the children playing together in the central ball pit that I want other mums to be able to feel they can workout and focus on themselves with their child or children present, knowing that if a baby is crying, needs feeding or nappy needs changing, this is fine! I will also be on hand to help out with cuddles!

If you would like to be apart of a supportive group, where everyone understands the challenges motherhood can bring, then please do get in touch. I would love to see you in classes soon.


Debbie x

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