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Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Courses in Plymouth

Prepare for an exciting and positive birth without fear.
Attend with you partner from 20 weeks.

1:1 Sessions now available


Its not what you think...

If you are anything like me and my partner were, you will be finding the whole journey of being pregnant very overwhelming with the amount of information you need to take in at every stage - from which foods to avoid, how much exercise you can do, to which side you should sleep on.


It's easy to get carried away with planning for when the baby arrives - cots, pram systems, high chairs (which you wont need for 6+ months!) and forget about or ignore that you have one of the most memorable days on the horizon.


Working out whether you might need this thing called 'hypnobirthing' that everyone keeps telling you is only for water births and for 'hippies' that don't want drugs is probably quite far down your list. 

However, birth is another stage in your journey that you wont want to go into without knowing about every option and challenge that could be thrown your way.

Why do hypnobirthing?

You may see your birth plan as part of a tick exercise for your maternity care but unlikely to be useful on the day, or you may be thinking that you'll just 'wing it'. Let me tell you why this never works out...


Yes, birth rarely goes 'to plan'. But I know from experience that it's the births that go 'off plan' that you need to know your options more than ever and be able to keep strong, calm and have some pain-busting and relaxation techniques up your sleeve.


Labour and birth is one of the most amazing experiences you and your body will go through. It can be life altering. Depending on the approach that you take, you and your family's experience of birth could be calm, positive and empowered, or feel out of control and traumatic - like what we see in the media. 

The experience of such an event in our lives can physically and mentally affect our journey into parenthood and future pregnancies. Preparing for birth can be invaluable and give you and your baby a head start to the rest of your journey.

It was a very challenging labour but all your tools and advice really helped me through it!

Sarah, Plymouth

My antenatal course teaches you everything you need to know to feel confident and completely prepared. You'll attend with your birth partner if possible, or we will find time to get your birth partner involved so they too feel prepared and empowered in their role.

  • Do you want to feel prepared for every eventuality, including induction and c-section?

  • Are you ready to fully understand what's about to happen to your body, your hormones and what recovery will be like?

  • Do you want your birth partner to learn how to best support you through labour and the first few weeks with a newborn? 

Fight or flight

Instinctively, as animals, we have a natural fight or flight response to danger. If we are scared, worried or anxious, our bodies produce adrenalin which slows down the production of another hormone, oxytocin. 

During labour and birth this is not something we want happening as oxytocin, also known as the 'shy hormone', is a natural pain killer AND helps your body to work more effectively to birth your baby. Hypnobirthing teaches you to keep this flight response to a minimum! 


Why choose hypnobirthing with Active Mums Antenatal

I'm Debbie, owner of Active Mums Plymouth, Antenatal. I've had that experience of feeling out of control and traumatised by the elements of my first birth that weren't even on my plans radar, and consequently have experience of being prepared and aware of the options, as well as knowing breathing techniques and pain strategies for all stages of birth. 

I am passionate about women approaching labour with confidence and knowledge, rather than with fear of the unknown. I can help you to understand how birth really works and what tools you need to prepare for a positive birth, whatever turn it takes.

You can read more about my birth stories below....

My first birth story

I thought I was prepared for labour and birth. I read a hypnobirthing book and followed advice from other expectant mums. My husband and I took a lot of techniques away from the book we read and for the majority of my labour we were thinking ‘we’ve got this!’

It was when the plan changed and I found myself on a bed with a monitor attached around my tummy and unable to get into the birthing pool that I started to struggle...


The final stages of my birth verge on traumatic in my memory. Our control of the situation started slipping away and my postpartum recovery was more difficult than it needed to be.


Better second time?

My second labour was a beautiful home-birth at Christmas time and my body birthed my baby calmly and confidently. 


What was different?

  • I knew that I would be happier birthing at home and avoiding a transfer to hospital so I made an informed decision to plan for this.

  • We had done a hypnobirthing course and practiced the breathing and relaxation techniques with guidance so we knew we were doing them correctly. 

  • We were well prepared for a change of circumstances and my partner and I had the confidence and knowledge to consider our choices.


I certainly had some physical healing and strengthening to do for my postnatal recovery but I felt positive and more prepared for the next stages of motherhood.

I now wanted to spread the excitement of hypnobirthing!

Choose from private sessions or a one-day group course! 


  • 2 x 3-4 hour private session at your home or;

  • 1 x 6 hour one day course with other expectant parents

  • Course Workbook

  • Additional handouts and downloadable templates

  • Relaxation tracks (I'll teach you how to use them when we meet)

  • My on-going support until baby arrives for last minute concerns and change of plans 

Plus until September, as a special thank you, you will also get my new birth box for FREE (RRP £30). 

COST: All this from £250.00. 

Lunar-Labour-Birth-Box-with-candle-lip balm-affirmations-and-lavendar-infused-roll-on
I came away from the course feeling so positive and relaxed about childbirth!
Debbie has helped me to feel informed and empowered.

Sarah, Plymouth

Is Hypnobirthing for all births?

Its a massive misconception that hypnobirthing is just for a home birth or water birth. 

The tools and techniques that Hypnobirthing teaches you are transferable to all labour and birth situations, whether you have a planned or emergency caesarean section, an induction or your plans completely change on the day.

This isn't about deciding to embark on a pain-relief free labour either. Its your birth and you will make the choices that are best for you and your baby. 


Why is hypnobirthing different to other antenatal courses?

Hypnobirthing courses are similar to other antenatal courses such as those that are run by NCT or the NHS but also teach you:

  • A better understanding of the your maternity and birth choices and how to make decisions for your unique situation

  • How the body works to birth your baby so that you can work with it and trust your body

  • Essential breathing and relaxation techniques for each stage

  • The relationship between hormones and your bodies responses

Hypnobirthing for a confident pregnancy, birth and parenthood

You want to feel that what you're learning on a course isn't just about one day (or however long your labour is). Its a lot of money to invest.

The earlier you start your course, the more you will be able to practice and apply what you are learning to your pregnancy journey.

There will be decisions and plans to make throughout your pregnancy and you can use the course tools to become better informed. 

You can practice techniques with your birth partner and spend time connecting with your baby. 

And as you embark on your new chapter of parenthood, you will have invaluable skills in your pocket to help you cope with all sorts of different situations, baby related or not!

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