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Mother and Baby

Postnatal Fitness Classes in Plymouth

Regain Strength and Make Friends, Whilst Baby Plays. 
Suitable from 6-8 weeks.

Thursdays 10am Hope Baptist Church, Peverell

From £12 a session.

What happens in a postnatal fitness class?

1 hour circuit class to help mums safely get back into fitness. 

We use resistance bands, bodyweight exercises, lightweight dumbbells to help you regain your fitness. Every exercise can be modified to suit all postnatal recoveries or health concerns. 

Babies are welcome in class as it will be set up in a stay and play type session. There will be baby gyms and other age appropriate toys available to help keep your little one entertained whilst you workout around them. 

postnatal mum in lunge position using hand weights
Postnatal mum exercising with her baby in Plymouth Postnatal Class

Postnatal Mum & baby/toddler 

Join the Active Mums Postnatal Club and enjoy exercising without the need for childcare. 

Workout in a safe and welcoming environment with a trained pre and postnatal fitness instructor and meet other like-minded mums on a similar journey. 

Suitable from  6-8 weeks postnatal or 10-12 weeks post caesarean.

What are the benefits of postnatal exercise?

Getting back into routine exercise in the postpartum period helps:

  • Strengthen and tone abdominal muscles 

  • Lose excess weight gained during pregnancy

  • Improve mood and self-esteem

  • Promote better sleep

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase stamina and strength needed for the daily activities that motherhood asks of your body such as pushing, lifting, carrying, and bending.

  • Socialisation and building of support networks.

Mums in Postnatal fitness class

Join the Postnatal Club

Join our Postnatal Club and sign up for a monthly subscription which gets you a reduced rate @ £12 a session and spreads the cost over your time with Active Mums. No need to worry about paying each month to secure your place and you get added member benefits such as free summer holiday sessions.

If you'd prefer to have a bit more flexibility, you can choose to pay for a block of sessions @ £14 a session. 

Core & Pelvic Floor

You will end the session with gentle stretches and some focused time on core strength and pelvic floor recovery. 

Each week we will strengthen our core muscles with breath work and exercises. 

These are designed to be modified as you rebuild strength and mend. 

Practicing postanatal core exercises with Baby

Connect with your little one

Your baby will love the sensory experience of coming to class! The music, the new faces and socialising with other babies. As they grow older, they can explore the toys with their new friends and they will love watching you workout. They like to get involved too!  


You will both enjoy the time spent together and will make some really lovely memories. 


Coffee and play time after the session allows for a catch up with the other mums. Let baby feed or sleep whilst you enjoy a hot drink and a biscuit or two. 

Postnatal mums having coffee together after fitness class in Plymouth
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